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Homemade pyrotechnics. May involve the use of fuel, lighter fluid, welding gasses, household cleaners, or black powder intended for use in muzzle-loading firearms. Generally lit with cigarette lighters, matches, lit cigars or cigarettes, or -- in rare cases -- electrically lighted with the use of either a car battery or household current. Dangerous as hell.

One of the more common forms of redneck firearms is the use of reactive metals in a 20-ounce soda bottle, known as an acid bomb, dry-ice bomb, or Drano bomb. Another is the trapping of a gas, such as butane or acetylene in a pipe or a series of beer cans with the tops and bottoms cut out, held together with duct tape, which when lighted makes a loud noise and can be used to hurl projectiles, such as tennis balls, potatoes, or garbage, into the neighbors' yards. See also potato gun or dorm cannon.
Look out! Bubba is going to fire off another one of them redneck fireworks!
by ElOjo August 17, 2007
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