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from the Latin: re, meaning “again,” plus dens, dentis (n), meaning “tooth”; pronounced REE-dent.

Noun referring to a person who has had his/her teeth capped, veneered, or replaced, in order to give his/her smile an excessively white appearance. It is a term of opprobrium that indicates that the speaker views the person in question as inferior in class status, intelligence, or integrity.
“Tiffany? You mean that redent from our Jazzercise class? What a slut!”

“I’m not going to that party; all of the redents from the Valley will be there, trying to look cool.”

“Can you believe it? That redent actually thought we would invite her to join the Junior League.”

(To the dentist): “I know you have to cap my teeth, but please don’t make me look like a redent!”

“As soon as he opened his mouth, I knew that redent could never understand trigonometry.”
by Verba dentis August 23, 2013
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An ugly man who prefers to suck cock. Curly haired weirdo!
"Redent left me for a man"
"Why is he so ugly? but he has a big dick!"
"His hair is so big you can hide in it"
by ShakiraSorm February 18, 2019
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