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A portmanteau of "redial" and "denial". this word refers to the act of pressing a random button on your phone's keypad to erase the previously-called number from the phone's memory, thus preventing anyone else from using the redial-button to find out what number you last called (extra points if you choose the "#" button for your "sabotaging", since pressing this key merely produces a loud sarcastic-sounding "repeat-beeping" tone that makes the would-be re-dialer feel like he's being upbraidingly mocked for his nosy-inquisitive temerity).
I performed a redenial on my phone before I left for the weekend; my next-door neighbor feeds my cats and goldfish while I'm away, and I do indeed appreciate his assistance --- he's a trifle too curious about my personal business, though, and so I didn't want him to know that I had a new girlfriend.
by QuacksO August 03, 2018
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