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Boasting about a winning wager after the contest has been completed, but never speaking about the wager before the race was run. Withholding of good information before a horse race then boasting about the winner after the race is over and the bet is safely cashed.
If you didn't give us the winner before the race do not redboard after the race is over.
by Greg Calabrse January 25, 2008
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When a group is carrying on a conversation and the content may be inappropriate for approaching persons. When someone in the group sees someone approach who could be offended they will announce "red board." At that time the group will either change the conversation or refrain from using foul or what some would deem offensive language or content. Basically following "red board" rules can save someone the headache of a visit to human resources or worse, termination of employment and worse, an expensive lawsuit.

A group of workers is using some language which is pretty much peppered with what some would deem as foul language.
A co worker who could be offended by such approaches the group. As they see the co worker approaching someone denotes "Red board !" The group checks itself to ascertain they remain on good behavior as the co worker is in the area.
by TheGreenWizard June 04, 2016
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