After taking a dump, finishing and exiting the bathroom, you experience the need to take an even larger dump within a short period of time.

This usually happens more than once.
Christian: " Ohh, damn, BRB... gotta take a dump.."
Brady: " Kay..."

- 3 to 5 minutes later -
Christain: " K back"
Brady:" WB
- a few minutes pass -
Christian: " Shit... gotta go again.. Fuck! I hate Recurring Dumps!"
Brady: " I laugh at your misfortune."
by Manbearpig2324 April 02, 2010
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a number equal to 1.

The reason for this, barring any childish attempts at a "proof" is that any two numbers have an infinite number of numbers between them, and there are zero numbers between .999 recurring and 1 -- which means they are equal.
.999 recurring is equal to 1! Learn2math!
by Mike Tro June 21, 2006
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