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Rectriloquist; Latin; a variation of the root word ventriloquist "to speak from the stomach"; to "throw” ones' voice. Example;

The noises produced by the stomach were thought to be the voices of the dead who took up residence in the stomach of the ventriloquist. The ventriloquist would then interpret the sounds, as they were thought able to speak to the dead, as well as to foretell the future.

Current usage; the ability to manipulate (throw) ones' vaporous emissions so that it appears that the vaporous stench is coming from someone else’s ass leaving the offender blameless and unpunished.

However, contrary to the ventriloquist, the rectriloquist needs no interpretation; everyone knows what the "voices" mean; the dead speak directly to us to tell of our future suffering.
While watching TV, the voluminous noise and vibration indicated the ass tremor came from Taylor but Tarah (the rectriloquist) was the real culprit. The tremor registered a 7.5 on the Rectum scale causing the retaliation to be directed at Taylor (the innocent).
by blame caster July 17, 2009
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