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Owls that go into your butt.

It all started many moons ago. Back in ancient times. The people of the Northern tribe of Annalshuvinstuf wrote a scientific book on a special type of owl. This owl being less than one inch in height, fears the light. In safety precautions, during the sunlight, it will proceed to make its way to ones anus. The tribe itself had many problems with these said owls. The people of the tribe didn't wear clothing, so these owls had no problem finding its way to the dark depths of ones rectal housing vicinity. Once the owl is in, there is nothing much to worry about. They just cuddle and munch on the fecal matter inside of the anus. Once they are satisfied they move on for a few days. Then on to another anus.

While it is in there, you may fart a 'who' every now and again. No alarm, it is just calling some friends to join. That means they like your anus.
Man, these rectal owls are pretty gnarly.
by PsymonSez June 12, 2014
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