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1. To be re-embarrassed, or "embarrassed again". Often brought on a memory of an embarrassing situation encountered years ago that nobody remembers but you. Can be just as, if not more, embarrassing than the original offense.

2. A mental accounting of all the stupid shit you've said and done throughout your life.

3. A "delayed shame reaction". That moment you realize something you said or did in the past was not embarrassing at the time, but personal growth and maturity make you realize what an asshat you were then. The level of sudden-onset shame comes with interest; the longer the delay, the greater the intensity of embarrassment.
"So I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep when I suddenly recall how I accidentally farted in that quiet movie theater ten years ago. Next to my date. And everybody heard it. It was embarrassing then, and I'm rebarrassed now"

"Man, I'm getting rebarrassed at getting piss drunk and puking on that cop's shoes. Then there was that time I pooped my pants when I was five. Oh, and when I was goofing off in class and made a complete fool of myself. Then there was the time..."

Brain: "Remember that time you called your sweet, loving mother a bitch when you were 13 and thought it was funny? Yeah, I bet she remembers, too. Get rebarrassed, you ungrateful son-of-a-bitch."
by Thrashbear May 16, 2017
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