for one to get ready to receive anal sex from a partner of the same or different sex or species.
get ready to rear it up to that dog hoe
by Thaddeus buttshaft July 8, 2011
to stand up on hind legs (in the case of animals)
The dog reared up and licked my hands with his floppy tongue.
by citizen of the world June 23, 2005
Pronounced “rared up
Tispy, drunk af, stoned, or just extremely cross fucked to the point you barely remember how to walk
J and ty: yo mike you feelin alright over there
Mike: yeah guyler just feeling a lil reared up rn
by Lil Otto December 24, 2018
to lose it with somone in a moment of anger
he totally reared up at me...
by amber November 26, 2003
Mr Eddy said "Oi, Mr Fox you have an exceptionally small penis" Mr Fox replied "You should see it when it's reared up"
by December 29, 2010