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In this ever changing modern world, we rely more and more on mobile devices, the internet and social networking services to connect with people and express out points of view.
Sometimes we can write or post things that we come to regret at a later point in time, once all the implications of having shared such material become more clear.

A traditional retraction is a public statement by the author or source of an earlier statement, that withdraws, or cancels the previous statement.
A reEtraction is a retraction of something specifically posted or shared on the internet and accessed mainly by eletronic devices.
Usually done by deleting or removing all traces of the offensive text / material and just hoping that no one noticed and recorded it while it was out there.
John : " Man, that was pretty doucey of me yesterday when I got smashed and then wrote all that crap on my Facebook page..."
Rick : " You posted some blasphemous shit man. A lot of people are pissed..."
John : " It seems as though a serious reEtraction is in order..."

Ex 2 :
John : " Pardon me, I have to make a bee-line for home to reEtract some incrimidating pictures that I should not have posted yesterday..."
by Marc O.C. April 18, 2011
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