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(noun) random chat room
(verb) to kill time by chatting online
The execution wasn't until 3, so Dave rcr'd for a few hours first.
by OrangeWizz August 16, 2005
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Red Cup Racing - A boating club that is only identified by it's members which happen to be few. They have fast boats with a lot of money invested into them. If you are fast, but do not have a lot of money invested, you are out. If you are slow, but have a lot of money invested, you are out. But when you have both and more importantly the ability to trailer one of the RCR boats, you are welcomed with open arms
Yo, dat boat iz so fly you best join my club. We don't be needin a beatin - so we be treatin... Welcome to R.C.R. Bizatch!

Now get me a beer rookie
by AhaMafia July 02, 2007
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