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Rayleeana is very unique just like her name. She is very emotional and rarely actually falls in love. You can get her very easily, however you can loose her easily as well. Never get on her bad side because she never will forget. She is very kind and sweet and would never hurt anyone on purpose. She is over protective and she loves attention. She cares for anyone. Rayleeana’s usually have brown, hazel, or green eyes. She is very independent and curious. She always will go for what she wants. She is a very loved and funny person, she is gorgeous.
“Hey you know that Rayleeana girl?”
“Yeah! She is so pretty!”

I know right!”
by Rayleeana January 10, 2018
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The most fun and loving girl u will ever meet. She is amazing but easy to lose. You do not want to lose her. One of a kind. Really pretty.not very patient 😂
Inpatient but super loving:rayleeana
by Allie.123 January 25, 2018
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