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when one tell another how to do something they are already capleable of doing. and one insists that what he is saying is right and the other person is wrong even though the other person knows more than one. this would be ray mearing him. ray meared
in one of the series ray insists that the PROFESSIONAL bowmaker is using the wrong wood to make a bow with even though he is a proffesional bow maker has been making bows for the whole of his life. he also tryes to tell the tribal outbakers of australia how to light a fire... even though they have to make one everyday he still insists that they are doing it wrong. an example of this at home would be when your friend trys to tell you something and you think the opposite.. he insists that he is right but it turns out that he is wrong... he would have just been ray meared. ray meared.
by bob billy bob August 27, 2007
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