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Taking a shower (usually long) without applying any soap to the body or using a towel, or both. A small number of people does this because they don't believe in personal hygiene or they want to do things that is not relative to actually washing themselves (the proper way)
(Man is in the bathroom reading an article out of the latest Maxim) (Woman knocks on the door) Woman: "Baby hurry up I need to take a raw shower!" Man: "Aight sweetie hop in..." (Hides the magazine) (The shower lasts for well over the time needed to get in and ends about an hour later) Man: Oh yea imma go grab a towel so we can clean up the mess we made. Boss: "What took you two so long to get here? And why does it smell like hot s***n and wet p***y in here?" Both in unison: "We took a..." Boss: "Nevermind. Just use soap next time."
by ogdajuiceman December 02, 2010
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