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An erection so massively huge that it stretches and pulls the skin from your face, causing a tooth-bearing grimace and bleeding from the corners of the eyes where the thin skin tears. It requires such a large volume of blood for engorgement that there is shunting away from the head and brain, resulting in dizziness and tunnel-vision, frequently progressing to loss consciousness, convulsions, and sometimes frank coma and death in the worst case.
"There was so much hot pussy at the bar last night that I got a wicked raultney and had to leave. In the car in the parking lot, I almost passed out. Luckily, DeeCee loves to suck cock and get her face schpackled, so she quickly saved the day by hungrily sucking me off until I blasted a good one in her eyes and freshly-washed hair!"
by Douchefuckerman July 18, 2006
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