A reaction about a real threat where we have to protect ourselves, something that we are consciously aware of. It comes from the human brain and is brought about by genetics. This kind of fear keeps us alert and can be somewhat of a challenge. However, an irrational fear is something we fear, even though there is no direct link or threat to us.
An example of a rational fear is being scared of getting eaten alive by a pack of wolves. An example of a irrational fear is public speaking.
by whatever bitch idc dude August 10, 2020
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1. Something big, hairy, and scary. (No, dude, not your penis...I said big :-) ) that can ACTUALLY happen to you, as opposed to an irrational fear.
2. Something not physically scary, but mentally terrifying yet very real...like an "aw, shit" moment.
Examples of rational fears:
That 90 pound Rottweiler that's about to latch onto your ass like it was a big, meaty, steak.

That 15-year old girl's father after he found out you were studying anatomy instead of geometry.

Worrying that you're gonna flunk geometry because you were studying anatomy instead of geometry.
by StevieTheOldFrigginFart August 12, 2016
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