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A name commonly used by longboarders. It describes anything and can be used as a adjective or a noun.
by Longb0ard3r July 14, 2009
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Megan you did not make out with that hot senior Ryan who has a girlfriend in which he fucks everyday! you Ratscallion.
by Jessica Simpson March 03, 2005
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a ratscallion is a cluster of rats.
Girl : look at that ratscallion!
Boy : I have a ratscallion in my basement!
Girl : that’s gross
by yeeterskeeterbaljeeter November 30, 2018
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A ratscallion is generally a female who is mad snake and will do you wrong in anyway possible. Ratscallion is often served along side with Niggatoni and is a truly deadly combo. You can also use this word to talk about your friend when he takes your Mozambique from you.
Ryan: Hey Ethan hows Hannah?
Ethan: Oh Hannah? Shes a ratscallion, we don't talk anymore
Ryan: Hoes mad

What are you a ratscallion? I was gonna use that Mozambique to shoot up my nigga Dendrick for taking my niggatoni
by Ratscallion Ralph May 12, 2019
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