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'Ra-soo-Trar' .noun. (Latin - Rasuri - 'to pwn')
The name given to the L33test C.S player of all time, after he had completed his training in the Congo's of Africa. He is rumoured to have been trained in the art of online killing by the revered "Tupani" himself. After challenging Tupani for the title of 'Grand Master', and succeeding by defeating Tupani with a 'glock chop' to the face from approx. 50m (long).
Having gained his 'Grand Master' title, Rasootra now spends his days pwning the mass's with his close-knit group of e-warriors known as "Boners.". These include:
Ras00tra (Grand Master, bringer of e-death)
MEATLOAF (brings the HS lols)
LaChAsS (Second in command)
Rixeh (currently apprentice lvl, e-warrior status pending)
FostO (cultural consultant)

This band of brothers, under the guidance of Rasootra, terrorise the online gaming community with demonstrations of their pure l33tness.
"WTF, did joo see Rasootra just pick Ktulu thru DD!?"
"Lol Yes!"


"ROFL! Boners. must be Haxing, Rasootra ajust got 60-1 in the first half of their war with Fzero"
"n00b!, Boners. never hack, they just use the skills they have been passed down from the grand master Tupani himself!"
by Boners. inc February 07, 2007
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