What comes into your mind when you think of swimming pool or beach? A man like me might draw a fine picture of a sexy girl in the bikini.

However, the trend has changed in Korea. Rash guard is now all the ton among kpop idols, while ordinary young Korean women also like to wear rash guard. The shirt protects the wearer against rashes caused by abrasion, or by sunburn from extended exposure to the sun too.
A: No matter how nice body kpop idols have, it's uncomfortable for them to wear the bikini in the public. They don't need to expose their upper body if they wear rash guard. Instead, the tight-fitting water wear leaves nothing to the imagination.

B: Yeah, that’s killing two birds with one stone.
by rashguardfetish January 17, 2020
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Lycra tight fitting surf shirt that protects surfer's stomachs, backs and upper body from rash that comes from rubbing up against surfboards.
"Dude i'm so glad i wore my rashguard! Did you see that crazy ass Kevin's bleeding raw stomach?! He should have worn a rashguard."
by Luckila Margarita June 8, 2005
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A thin shirt made out of a stretchy material worn by surfers. It is worn on the upper body to protect from reef rash.
Brian wore a Rash Guard after that big hit he took last month and tore up his back.
by Andrea May 6, 2005
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