The abbreviated form of the stage name of Rap Monster (real name, Kim Nam-Joon) The leader of the k-pop group Bangtan Boys (also known as BTS) he sports some of the funnest hair colors, and is the reputed source of the diss "You got no Jams"

He has a voice that can set fire to the mic or lull you to sleep with his rhymes.
Rapmon's hair is always so perfect, he likely goes through four cans of hairspray a week.
by Silentnoki June 8, 2015
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dog of the world leader kim namjoon, also known as 'monie,' or the one that just doesn't care. cute but sometimes shady, monie takes after his dad (but joon must not see it, apparently). armys have a lot of nerve to leave the king out of the loop of bangtan's pets. he is the one true sunbaenim of your favs; yeontan and holly only learn from the best.
"omg yeontan is so savage!"
"lmao y'all act like a whole RAPMON don't exist"
by namu's day November 9, 2018
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meaning you're breaking something,otherwise pulling a rapmon.
"oh man i just pulled a rapmon!"
"why'd you break the table?!"
"oh god he did pull a rapmon"
by neoculturebangtan December 25, 2016
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