The new word for things that are cool. Similar to: "tight", "wicked", "awsome".
Hey man nice shoes, they sure are rapein'.

We had a rapein' night Tuesday.

by a.r.e. April 20, 2009
A term used for those how constantly rape mostly used on those who have records of a multitude of rapes or sexual assaults it is believed to have originated in the Quran the birth place of evil it is also rarely used to describe someone who is into very taboo sexual contact ie scat and lollies
Damn that honky with that cute butt is a rapeinator
by Handy mat July 19, 2019
another definition for terminator, because he rapes a lot. it is also a movie. may also be used to describe someone who rapes a lot
gypsy: damn that mf is a rapeinator he rapin everyone he see
smith: fr fr