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Someone who think they're a rapper just because they wear backward caps and tracksuits. And also think they're a talented rapper when they're rhymes don't make any sense and they can only rap 2 lines. They don't even know how to throw East or West Coast signs. They're also the same as wannabe gangsters really because they're trying so hard to act like a tough guy when they could get beat up by an 8 year old at age 16!!! Your typical rap wannabe usually thinks he's a big fan of rap and hip hop when he really knows nothing about them. Like lets see he claims to be a big fan of 2pac (There's a chance he might not even know Pac is dead), Eminem, Xzibit, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg and then doesn't have a fucking clue about them, their lives or their lives, background or even birthday.

He might also claim to hate pop when he listens to artists such as Chris Brown, LMFAO and Bruno Mars and considers it real music.

The typical rap wannabe think they're friends with everyone when everyone thinks he's annoying but just don't want to hurt his feelings. He treats his ''friends'' like shit too.

You've probably met those type of people (usually guys) in your school or in work.

Basicly, they just want attention. Avoid them if you can.
Rap wannabe:''You can't be like me because all you can do is... (stutters) pee?''

The truth:''Oh jeez, really? Pull yourself toghetter, man''

Rap wannabe:''Fuck you, im a gangster rapper, fuck pop. *Listens to Chris Brown*, This is music Bro.''

The truth:''yeah, Chris Brown is totally pop and NOT music.''

Rap wannabe:''Fuck you, i rap oldschool style like LMFAO.''

The truth:''Oh, no wonder everyone thinks your annoying.''

Rap wannabe:''What are you talking about? Im friends with alot of people.''

The truth:''Then why is everyone talking about how annoying you are when you are NOT around?.''

(Rap wannabe cracks a douche smile and gets a tear in his eye).

The Truth: And BTW, i hope you've learned your lesson here and the fact that you are NOT tough.

Rap wannabe:Yes i am, fuck you, i know everything about real rappers.

The Truth:OK, what year did 2pac die?

Rap wannabe:(Says nothing)

The Truth:You are a considered rap wannabe
Rap wannabe:Wannabe? im NOT a wannabe, blah, blah, blah, i can't hear you *sticks finger in ears*

The Truth:I'll just try to avoid you since you can't handle me
Rap wannabe:Fine, then leave. Im too important for you, anyway.
The Truth:Too important being a wannabe
by Reggae Rasta February 02, 2014
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