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A ranting email sent to a large group of people, beyond the circle of recipients interested in hearing the writer's side of an issue, for various secondary reasons not limited to making a cogent argument about the subject matter (e.g. vanity publishing, indirectly writing "to" someone to stay in touch), and likely in response to which there are few if any appropriate choices (e.g. "Right on!" and "Unsubscribe"). Indeed, it is probably better for the recipient not to respond to rantspam unless or until he or she has lost all patience with the sender, at which point the only logical response is for her or him to send a ranting email, replying to all recipients. See also diatribal.
You have reached the English Department. If you have a voicemailbox in this system, enter your code now. Otherwise-8...6...3...3...You have one new message, sent at five, forty, six, a.m. "Hey man, it's me. Check your inbox when you get this message. I just sent out a new rantspam about our anachronistic electoral system, and I want to know what you think of my use of the third-person perspective. Okay, talk to you later." To delete this message, press zero. To save-0...
by Todd M Patrick October 22, 2004
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