A Rano is a type of nick name for someone with an R name. Rano's are usually, helpful, caring, independent. Normally great cooks, good artists, creative and always is there for you if you need it.
Creativity and helpfulness is the most definitive things about a Rano.
by cakemonster122 August 10, 2020
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Rano pano is basically an uber hip term for 'hustle and bustle'. The origins of this 'cool' term are unclear but there is a Mogwai song called 'Rano Pano' which may or may not have had something to do with the term achieving a certain degree of popularity.

Usually used on the East Coast, it has found it's way to the UK and Ireland as an acceptable replacement for 'hustle and bustle'. Much like 'Mezzo-mezzo' is used as an alternate for 'So, so', it also rolls off the tongue quite nicely.
'Ethan moved quickly through the rano pano of his work place'.

'Talk about rano pano, the gig was absolutely packed'

'If I have to deal with the rano pano of rush hour after work, I'm going to totally lose my shit.'
by Artie Roth February 10, 2012
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He is Amazing. He is a bit fat but understands you have to deal with it. He also sucks dogs without permission. He is an optimist but also likes kids (underaged). While Rano is a bit of a weirdo, he is the guy who is with you all the time and doesn’t leave you for one another.
“Look rano is sucking his Dog again”
Rano what are you doing with my little sister?”
“Rano bro, your belly is amazing, if I had drumsticks I would drum on it!”
by Brambobambo November 22, 2021
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