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An all-girls Catholic school located in the San Gabriel Valley. Was created in the 1800's and is best known for being older than the actually city it is housed in-Alhambra. It is an academically strong school, but their sports are the worst of the worst. Filled with Asians, pacific islanders, and the white mexicans, better known as "wexicans". A ridiculously overpriced school, but has one kick-a campus that could rival a small college's one if you add in a forest scenery and killer squirrels. Girls are known to park everything from brand new Mercedes to crappy 80's cars in the parking lot. It really is a diverse place where the sole strive is towards science and art.
The Girls are known for being professional myspace hackers.
Eating like there's no tomorrow and trampling the Mcdonald's down the block every friday.
The place where at least one girl is named Monica, Jessica, or some form of Christine. and at least one of your friends is a whore, anorexic, or bi.
And the RC girls are best known to incorporate sweats into their uniform and for going to their brother school-Bosco- in their uniforms.
Ramona is the place where the girls are smart and smart asses.
Boy: I just passed by this big looking gated thing that was painted pink
Girl: yeah it's Ramona Convent, I go there
Boy: oh never mind you suck at sports and you're mostly likely gay
Girl: no bi, but I do rock at robotics ;)
by 08_maber August 11, 2009
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