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Ramona Gardens is a public housing development in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, USA. It is operated by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. Currently and historically Latino, it is also the home of the notorious Big Hazard gang, connected to the Mexican Mafia, and has been the center of the illegal drug market in all of Southern California. Big Hazard has been operating Ramona Gardens since the early 1940s and are responsible for countless murders and crimes in and out of the housing projects. Big Hazard is one of the oldest and most notorious gangs in Southern California. Big Hazard was also featured in the Edward James Olmos film American Me. Three consultants on this film were later murdered because of the depiction of a homosexual rape scene which offended the Mexican Mafia's internal code of "ethics."The first killing occurred 12 days after the movie's premiere when one of the film's consultants Charles "Charlie Brown" Manriquez, who was a member of La Eme, was slain in Ramona Gardens, L.A.'s oldest public housing project. Another well-known person of East Los Angeles and paid consultant to the film, 49 year old grandmother Ana Lizarraga commonly known as "The Gang Lady", was murdered when she was gunned down in her driveway unloading groceries. A federal indictment accused La Eme of ordering the 1992 murder of Ana Lizarraga.
Ramona Gardens
by BeAche November 11, 2013
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