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A little scene kid who's afraid of losing scene points, also happens to be in a band that sucks.
Vanessa: OMG! I saw ramiRAWR at the city today! He wasn't wearing his BMTH shit.. minus 5 scene points!

The ramiRAWR anthem:
Oh rami
Your face looks like salami
Yes salami
Go run home to your marrrmy
Your so shit,
Ohh rami.
Your hair is oily
No one likes it
And now your depressed
Mr salami,
Telstras cuttin off your hiptop
Omg go slit your wrists off

Oh rami
Go cry little emo tears
Loosing scene points are your fears
Youuu can't even play the drumssss
Your little weiner can't even cummm
Oh rami
What a disgrace
Your ugly face
Go back to lebanese land
You suck at making a band
Oh ramii
No one likes you
You smell like poo
Oh rami, oh rami
by asdfjklulz March 08, 2009
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