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The ramdam is the mother of all stomach turning sexual acts. First you need to find a woman, or man, with a particularly loose anus, acquire some ipecac and plenty of laxatives, a beer bong, and purchase several rolls of plastic sheeting. First, lay down plastic sheeting to protect upholstery and other household properties. Have your partner, or, the vessel, take a copious amount of laxatives. Now this next part is very important: When the "vessel" is feeling like the laxatives are getting close to cause explosive diarrhea, you need to take two tbsp. of ipecac. Upon taking the ipecac, stand by your partner with a beer bong and get ready. When you feel like you cannot hold it in any longer, insert the beer bong into your partners ass, and throw up into it. When your partner is full, he or she in turn pulls the beer bong and explodes on you with a combination of shit and vomit. Masturbate and enjoy!
I totally got to Ramdam a chick last night at Billy's party last night! Ruined her parents brand new couch!
by Jendog July 18, 2012
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