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Someone who "owns and operates" a poker house in which their income source comes from the rake in which they take from their poker games.

Rake- what is taken off of each pot in poker to go to the house (10% of each pot with a cap).

So you would definitely be a rake star if you have a kick ass condo/loft in the heart of midtown and you run a 5/10 $500 min BI game with a 10% rapped that is capped at $50/hand.
*With the right action, the house can rake 500+ per hour!!!

You are definitely a rake star if you can keep a game going for 16+ hours by any means necessary!

Invite over cocktail waitress, stripper, order chinese food, mad herb, mad cigz, mad blow....
And when all of this is over you have made yourself atleast a few thousand dollars a night just for being the host!
Oh yeah, that dude JBA, that muthafucka takes 500 an hour off the table in rake, he is a straight RAKESTAR!
by ATLStationHustla August 02, 2008
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