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a village situated in prescot in liverpool where all residents speak with a scouse accent.
residents are often seen as "wools" but despise this as they hate closely linked st helens with a passion, apparantly.
rainhill resident: "eee laaa, im scouse lad not fuckin' wool; ehh girrrrl, giz us your numba"
by butterkist November 06, 2008
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Rainhill, a small village connected to prescot for the posher people of Merseyside. Typically known for the more expensive postcode people of St Helens like to associate themselves with it to make them feel less shit but in actual fact St Helens is a shit hole and has nothing to do with Rainhill. Rainhill is a higher class village connected to Prescot hence the L35 postcode. It has the most expensive postcode in Rainhill
Rainhill is a posh village
by Rainhill- the snobs October 28, 2018
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