General name for individuals or groups who push the neoliberal LGBTQIA+ agenda aggressively and without room for questioning, critical thinking, or compromise. Dissenters are subject to ad-hominem attacks and online doxxing.
The rainbow mafia is always forcing people to accept anything trans… and if you do or say anything to dispute it, you're a villain.
by jouissancepastance July 8, 2017
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A growing group of people who enjoy critical thinking, introspection, self-work, empathy, compassion, and love. They reject the idea that it's okay to harm or hate someone for race, sexuality, gender identity, health, appearance, or socioeconomic class, etc. This term especially refers to the LGBT+ community and allies.
"Fear not! It is us, the Rainbow Mafia, here to be kind to the vulnerable! Would you like a hug, a cup of tea, or something else?"
by Elizabeth Darcy December 3, 2020
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