To quit something whilst in a rage.
Adam rage quitted life after failing his HSC by driving his car off a cliff.
by AdamAwesomeLegend June 04, 2008
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When your n00b ass can't deal with the idea of losing, so you quit the game. This intracate maneuver is usually performed by little 12 year olds that play with girl avatars because they can't get nothing else.
Dude 1: "Tommy just ragequit right in the middle of a raid"
Dude 2: "wdf."
by N3CR0MANC3R December 31, 2010
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The act of exiting a game due to unspeakable fury over an event which has transpired that usually leaves the ragequitter at a disadvantage.
On rare occasions there are valid reasons to reach this level of anger but most of the time, they are simply noobs who are bad at games.
xxDarkNightWolfxx was peppered with bullets by ThisGuy
xxDarkNightWolfxx: Omg! I swear I shot that guy 2048473 times! Such a backer! This is FUCKING UNBELEVABLE AAAA
ThisGuy: Unbelievable*
xxDarkNightWolfxx has quit the game
ThisGuy: Lol ragequit
by Sulphuric_Glue September 29, 2015
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When someone quits a game of anger.
*Jimmy killed by Diamond_L*
Jimmy has left the game.
Diamond_L: Lol ragequit :P
by Hang on April 29, 2016
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Quitting IRC/MSN/AOL or any other communication program in a 'rage'.

Usually used when someone suddenly goes offline or when they first shout shunny language before quitting.
12:32 +(BiLl) Your such a newb
12:34 (Killah) fu you lame ass mongrel
12:34 Quit: (Killah)(X@uNique.on.EnterTheGame.Com) (Quit:)
by Lourens 'Pax' August 15, 2005
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A form of quitting from a person's workplace of employment after being treated like a douche by management and bosses. The employee becomes so enraged by management and retarded customers that they take the persona of a dragon or similar mythical creature and resign from their job. Objects tend to be broken during a rage quit.
Petunia was so pissed off by the mentally insane chat users and betrayal by the Moderation Manager that she rage quit yesterday. She broke shit and everything, it was wicked.
by CowCamoBoy March 28, 2009
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RageQuit are one of the most feared and revered factions of Perfect World International's Lost City Server. Participating in Territory Wars every weekend under the guide of the (RQ) leader, Mystic (IGN: Pandora). RageQuit are notoriuos for causing people to literally ragequit the game or server.
PWI Member in World Chat: RQ suck!
RageQuit MemberA in World Chat: Stop QQing cause we beat you, Go RageQuit!
RageQuit MemberB in Guild Chat: That could be taken more ways than one lolz
RageQuit MemberA in Guild Chat: lol I know, he should /rq
by Tenrei February 08, 2009
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