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this is the second definition of the Team-Killing Fucktard also known as the TKFT. the plural form of TKFT is TKFTs.
Definition 1 of TKFT is the True Team-Killing Fucktard. if you are confused on which definition is which, be sure to check out that page, too.

2. Rage-Case TKFT (or Rage-Quit TKFT):

This version of the TKFT is MUCH harder to detect. they are ninjas, assassins and spies. in the world of online games, they are steriotypically pissed-off asshole ten-year-olds about to Ragequit; they tend to talk in the n00b language and are usually almost completely fluent in said language. unlike the True TKFTs, who simply dont know how to play.

Early detection is not always possible. Much of the time, this breed of TKFT will go unnoticed in a crowd or teammates, blending in perfectly. The exceptions occur when they make their presence known, often by lapsing into noobish. The known detection methods involve checking for anger and hostility towards other teammates, reviewing the player's dialect to determine if they are a troll, n00b or TTKFT, and by watching for reckless playing manner with heavy weapons.


Unfortunately, this Rage-blinded TKFT cannot be fully prevented. Sometimes, they call for a specific action, such as being expelled from the game or team-killed into RageQuitting. the players who TK or kick this type of TKFT can be referred to (comically) as TKPS or Team-Killing Problem-Solvers.
Note: "Ragequit team-killing fucktard" just announces what breed of TKFT they are. you may mix it up as you wish. some common acronyms are RQTKFT, and RTKFT.

p1: U d1rTy M0Th3rFuCk3r!!! Ur M0M h@d N0 cUmPl@nT$ L@$T n1GhT!!!!! HAHA L0L0L pL0X!!!
p2: Dude, its just a game. what's your problem
p1: 1m M@D @ U D:<
*P1 kills p2 then ragequits*
p3: hahaha! he did such a ragequit. what a Team-Killing Fucktard!!!!!
p2 as he respawns: tell me about it.
by Super-Ultimate-Ownage-Penguin September 11, 2011
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