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trying kick a player out of the game until they get kicked
kick n00b
yes: 4 no: 7

kick n00b
yes: 5 no: 6

kick n00b
yes: 10 no: 1

n00b has been kicked from the game.
rage kicked
by anonymous6669 May 09, 2010
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Common term used in online gaming, (mainly fps games) when someone has the authority to kick or ban other players ,(usually elite skilled persons)they usually do this because they are getting theyre ass kicked due to hackers, dickheads or teamkillers , so rage is felt and kick whom or whoever from the game or room. also ragequit is another term.
I ragekicked that fucking hacker, he was walking through walls ambushing me and I could never see him.

i ragequited before i threw my monitor out the fucking window because im not leet
by gsrwat December 03, 2011
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