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An adjective describing the overly dramatic persona one puts on when calling in to a radio show in order to seem more interesting.
Host: Helloooo, welcome to Political Pustulence.
Caller: Hi! I love your show.
Host: Sooo... What do you think about the Senate bill raising the driving age to 65? I think it'll make the economy collapse, since I've had experience in this kind of stuff for years.
Caller: Umm... I was going to say that I think it's good.
Host: That's wonderful! Thanks for calling in. Now, lately I've been beset by a plague of locusts. Blahblahblah mememe.
Listener 1: What's this person's deal?
Listener 2: Ah, they're just being radioverdramatic. They're really boring in person.
by The Philanthopist January 09, 2010
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