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Immature idiots that claim that they are superior to another specific race/ethnicity. These type of people are too afraid to express their racism in the outside world, so thats why they share it in the internet instead so they won't get their ass kicked...
take a look at a couple definitions in this site...
by (1) July 16, 2005
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about 98% of these mofos that post crap on here. Black, white, asian, etc., all of the people that have nothing better to do than be racist.
we can all get along.. if it werent for these racist hoes that have no life
by :-) September 21, 2003
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i agree, most ppl on here, do use racial slurs and i'm sure they get a rise out of saying the N-word without getting their ass beat. i'm black and i don't even like using that word because it makes me look dumb 4 calling my own race a derogatory term. but yea, racist hoes are ppl who are eitha overtly or covertly racist.
person A: i hate all minorities, why don't they all go back 2 their country???!!
Person B: that is so racist!! you do know you sound like a racist hoe right now, u and all you're friends are racist hoes!!
by Thababygirl March 07, 2006
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You say white people are racist. But the funny thing is most black "niggers"people are the most racist.There is a difference between a black man and a "nigger" you have white nigger black niggers ...etc... So you cant say white people are racist
Those niggers always were there pants low so they can get butt fucked like they did in the pin. and niggers always steel...especialy the Nigglets granted this is 90 percent of Blacks! every one of them are some racist hoes
by b-rad-y gal January 12, 2011
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