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A sweet person that doesn't want to hurt anything. Racelyn will get hurt by others, but she won't do anything. Racelyn cares about her friends 10x more than she cares for herself. She will NEVER take no for an answer. If your her friend, you don't want to mess that up. She is sweet, nice, loving; but if you mess up, she'll give you many chances, until she just can't take it. When it comes to love, Racelyn is extremely shy. She will love you with all her heart, but won't show it until you show you love her back. She can fall head over heels in love in a second. Racelyn's tend to be very pretty; yet they never think they are. If you know a Racelyn, tell them they're pretty; you'll instantly brighten they're day.
I wish I could be as caring as Racelyn.

Psst; look at her, she must be a Racelyn.
by Joeeeeeeeeeeee November 09, 2013
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