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An fraud who goes under the guise of blackface to get sympathy of the community they claim to represent, as the one from Spokane, Washington was outed as really being Czech. Her linkedin account was discovered as the wordpress blog "Lying Bastards All Around" addressed what she did. A race liar is another form of a fabulist on a journalistic level as they draw from alternate history to give themselves a biography where they lie about their real ethnicity.
The media hounds were having a field day with Rachel Dolezal as they caught her as a race liar. She can't even find a job working in porn as Wikipedia reported on this -- do a search Wordpress: Lying Bastards All Around and one will find the biting investigative blog entry. It's a light grey blog with a red side panel. The commentary before the blog entry starts has a link to a photo on her facebook; trolling ensues.
by ilinoishorrorman January 14, 2018
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