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A flashcart for the nintendo ds which is for the people that think buying games is for suckas.
Person 1:hey man what games do you have for your nintendo ds?
person 2: I have every game ever invented sucka!
person 1:your lieing how
person 2: I have r4ds and I get all of my games for free n00b.
by Chazam1337 May 18, 2008
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"reporting for duty"

when posting/trolling in a forum and your presence is recognized, it is a simple reply to acknowledge other members.
JON: yadda yadda yadda

MARY: yes. my thoughts exactly.

(FRANK logs on)
FRANK: JON's a cunt. he should use english.

MARY: well, if it isnt Buzz Killington himself.

by DMTCO January 05, 2013
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