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a species of superhuman found in New Zealand a rāpātā, written mostly as rapata, loves hearing their own voice. loves themselves before ALL others. selfish in their motives but don't hide it, such is the self-confidence in their decisions. often hated but thrive on this. strongly believe in their core values and if made to question them will terminate all interaction with whatever/whomevever is the cause. your most loyal friend or worst enemy due to their calculating mind, their ability to execute a well thought out plan with ease, but more because once you lose a rāpātā you feel a huge sense of loss. the rāpātā however moves on easily. a rāpātā will feel your pain when you let them in and take it on without realising. as such they develop a strong intimacy with anyone very quickly. give them your heart they'll keep it warm and light. give them your mind they'll keep it entertained and sharp. give them your soul they'll keep it clean and carefree. give them your body they'll take it from you and make you beg for it back. derived from 3 words rā signifies the sun, light, purity etc. pā, the ability to touch physically, emotionally, and mentally, and also a place of refuge for the multitudes. tā the ability to stain, smear, impress, brand or leave a lasting imprint. all attributes of the rapata. rapata are most often found in the Hamilton area of New Zealand. If you find and befriend a rāpātā consider yourself lucky...if u get to keep one for life you have been touched by God.
maori alien rāpātā
by waikatowhanitarau May 08, 2013
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