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A girl who is initially nice to you but when you go somewhere without them, say no, disagree, don't respond on time or say your taken, they'll flip out and insult you and be the opposite of a "nice girl". These kind of women can be found on the r/nicegirls subbredit
Her: Hey want to hang out <3
Him: Sorry I've already got plans, how about tomorrow?
Her: Lol you fucking what? WTF why wouldn't you come out with me? I'm a nice girl! are you trying for some slut bag?! You fucking asshole, I cant believe you!
Her: I'm out of your league anyways boy, have fun with slut girls <3
Him: Wow another r/nicegirl
by Beezoar February 17, 2018
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A forum dedicated to femcels (women going through inceldom)
she was browsing r/nicegirls
by invert cattso February 11, 2019
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