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The name given to the most perverse and warped member of each generation of Cutters.

An ethno-lithgraphic term for a rare and unusual breed of Irish vagrant, renouned for their sexual deviance and devout worship of all things carnal.

Although a the first qwansy was a native of of the southern coast of Ireland sightings have been recorded as far apart as Vancouver, Morocco and Bosnia i Hercegovina.

In most cases, a qwansy (or qwansies in the plural) or sighted at tumultous, world shaking events. It is often cited in academic works that a qwansy was responsible for tearing down the first blocks of the Berlin wall with nothing but the flexing of his left, and weaker, bicep.

Qwansies are often seen riding in the back of 1994 Jeep Cherokee pick-ups.
(1) Here bey, I heard Qwansy was suppin offa some gooch down the mini park last night...

(2) You're some qwansy you bey...
by Mollusk-man September 22, 2008
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