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The girl who makes your smile of the day
The girl who Loves to annoy you

The girl who allways wanna be held down in never let go

The girl who allways wanna argue

The girl you'll need for a long time, wherever you go.

She is a pretty girl with a out of control attitude

she have to work on she dont do Snakes she grow up not knowing what love was but she made a way

she is a pretty girl very smart dont let a nigga cross her or fool her

stay wanting money her number 1 thing got to chase no time to wait on lames she is a school girl " Not really

She childish asf if u not childish dont fuck with her

she stay positive 24/7 she dont have time with all the fake Bs like dont nobody wanna see her do good niggas get to hateing so baddd like dammm

she stand along she dont put her trust in nothing but the paper

if u wanna be her fan sign up she dont kiss nobody ass

she keep it real 24/7 she a hood girl with lots to say but she will never switch up on u she is one of the crazy,chill, fun, childish ,Girls u will evey meet get to Know her.......
Quiterria is. Up tightabout a lot of things in things around her
by LilHeartless May 24, 2017
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