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A term used by an individual, usually during working hours, who implies they are going to get some food and will be right back. In reality, this means the person will be gone for a minimum of 60 minutes. Upon return to their work area, the "quick bite" is always followed by an excuse as to why they were gone so long. Aka: running into a friend, helping out a customer, the line was very long at the cafeteria.
(Before leaving) "Hey everybody, I know its busy and I just got in, but I need to go for a quick bite since I won't be able to eat until later on."

(Upon returning): "Sorry everybody that it took so long, but the lines down at the cafeteria were insane today. Plus on the way back, I ran into a friend I haven't seen in ages and we got to chatting. Then there was a customer that needed help, so I offered to assist them.
by Flirty Betty June 27, 2008
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