1 definition by CaliGirl95

The question game is a game where a person asks another person a question and the other person must answer with a question, repeating this process until a person answers a question with a statement. You cannot repeat the exact wording of any question used in that round of the game.
Person A: Want to play a game?
Person B: What kind of game?
Person A: Which game do you think I would want to play with you?
Person B: Could it be the question game?
Person A: Do you think it's the question game?
Person B: What would happen if I said yes?
Person A: Do you think I care?
Person B: Do you care?
Person A: Does it matter?
Person B: Doesn't you opinion matter?
Person A: To me, but -----
by CaliGirl95 April 9, 2010