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1. The act of usurping the winning spot of a reality show by doing one great performance while doing not as well as other performers in previous weeks.

2. When an inconsistent or lesser performing individual overshadows a consistently well performing individual because the inconsistent individual recently had a great performance.

Origins: The phrase is inspired by America's Best Dance Crew. Quest Crew were announced the winners though they were not as good as Beat Freakz most of the season. Quest Crew, however, had a better finale routine than Beat Freakz, thus quest screwing Beat Freakz.

A: I don't get how Beat Freakz lost! They were the best crew for the last five weeks!

B: Well everyone voted for Quest Crew because their last performance was better..

A: They got Quest Screwed, dude.


A: I didn't think Jeanine Mason was going to win.

B: Her last solo was the best, so she quest screwed everyone.

3) I hate it when Rick does nothing for weeks then pulls out a good idea near the end of the project. The boss gets all excited but forgets that I have been doing all the work until now!! He loves quest screwing me in the ass.
by Riri Sa August 04, 2011
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