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(In the CTG Hearthstone)
New meta deck that was created on the arrival of the new update "The Journey to Un'Goro" That added a new level of fuckery to the game. Works by finishing the Rogue Quest, which you have to play a card with the same name 4 times. Then you are rewarded by a Sperm Cave, which turns your minions like 1/1 pigs into 5/5 fuckers for the rest of the game. After the Grave Digger and Stealth were sent to the wild, people were actually relieved that rogue would die out, but NOPE
"Rexxar!!! versus!!! Valeera!!!"
"I will hunt you down!!"
"Ah fuck not that quest rogue again!!"
by DavidXavier May 01, 2017
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