Used sarcastically when someone needs to suck it up. In french it means 'What a shame'.
Stan: And then I stubbed my toe on the copier!
John: Aww, quelle dommage, would you like some cheese with your whine?
by Fat Stanley March 14, 2011
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Literally translates to "that's harsh."

An exclamation to indicate that, whether it is said in French or English, what has been noticed or brought to attention is bad, shameful, or embarrassing.

Can also be used to describe someone acting in a rotten, terrible, horrible or mean way.

I can't believe that elderly woman is wearing a miniskirt. Quelle-harsh.


You are being quelle-harsh. You should be nice.
by KCdowntown April 15, 2009
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direct English translation from French = what joy!
When I found the best French restaurant in Lexington, I said, quelle joie!
by LexBrett July 21, 2006
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(Pronounced, 'Kell boo-majh')

Definition: Major bummer. Total drag. Accept the inevitable.
He: Dude, I tried my best to get tickets to Tool but they were, like, totally sold out...

She: Quell bummage!

He: Totally, dude, yeah, like, what a fu**kin' bummer, man...
by Have the T-Shirt February 21, 2007
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An ejaculation by a guy that makes him feel good.
I just had a quell gel. I'm good for a while now.
by Ereck Flowers May 3, 2019
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