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(slang) Synonyms: fantastic, awesome dude, kick ass, wow, cool, omg, omfg, omffg, oh my- you get the idea. It is the preferred expression used by the youth of today. Used like "queeftasticle dude!" or "Rytas, that transgender vagina of yours is looking queeftasticle!", or simply as "queeftasticle". It appears as though parents are catching on as reports arrive of one mother in the grand canyon saying "say 'queeftasticle' right before taking a picture". It appears as though parents continue to be total idiots, this reporter thinks, as they even mistake queeftasticle as meaning "cheese". THey should read this definition and get their stories straight, or maybe their kids should way "you fu**ing idiot mom, you got queef nuggets for brains or something? go to and learn the true meaning of queef, yea that lump that comes out of your vagina when your excited, yeah maybe that's why dad left you, ya lump of queef, stupid ass, just read the ******* *** defintion you *** idiot mom, go screw yourself".
"Queeftasticle!" the class recited as they watched their teacher shoot herself.
by Mindaulgaus March 21, 2007
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