The act of an Ed-Boy is when you tie a girl to a bed and put a ballgag in her mouth, however instead of a ball, the ballgag needs to have a jawbreaker. Each of your homies then take turns fucking her, until she has fully eaten the jawbreaker, no matter how long it takes, and no matter how many men fuck her.

Bonus points if you shout "Buttered Toast", "Shablakah" or "Gravy" as you nut.
"Hey Kevin, did you hear what me and the other guys on the cul-de-sac did to Nazz last night? We gave her the ol' Quarter Pounder"
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by Life_Has_Many_Doors_Edboy October 04, 2018
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White guy: Hey, Alfanso, I got a quarter pounder.
Black guy: Nah, you aint got no quarter pounder.
White guy: Nah, i got a quarter pounder.
Black guy: I got your quarter pounder right here, man *pulls out penis*
White guy: Good lord!
by Gerald Armstrong 1 August 19, 2009
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A fat and meaty vagina. Large and thick labia minora and majora.
Mary wasn't a typical teenage girl, she had quite the quarter pounder between her legs.
by Fav December 01, 2006
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A girl who weighs over 200 lbs.thighs rubbing together, cankles etc. and tries to order food like she is 115lbs.and in shape when standing next to her skinny girlfriends. An extra Heavy female who can consume large portions of food, but will order little when in front of her thin friends or out in public. A large girl who wants everyone to think that she eats small portions.
Art, here comes a quarter pounder! ( 220lb girl walks through door and proceeds to order a small turkey sandwich with only mustard and lettuce, SAYS" No MAYO!" knowing she would really want extra mayo but does not want her skinny friends to see that. "Brittny, do you want to share this chocolate chip cookie with me? I cant eat all of it" ( as she is standing there with her tree trunk thighs rubbing together. Or," I would like to order a quarter pound of chicken, that would be more than enough for me" yea right like that is what she usually eats when she is built like a defensive tackle! But does so because her 110 lb. girlfriend is standing next to her!
by Bobwins1 July 10, 2012
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Acoustic duo of Charles and Robert Peacefull from the Isle of Man, with a penchant for relentlessly sombre tunes.
Quarter-Pounder make Leonard Cohen seem a real optimist
by the fool June 03, 2006
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